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Historical attractions

The most important historical attractions of the village are the passage of the national railway line from the south to the north of the country through the heart of the village and the establishment of the railway station and its related buildings, as well as the historic railway bridge with a hundred years of age. Iran's National Railway, the most beautiful part of which is in Lorestan and Bisheh region, was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019.


historical background

  The historical history of the village dates back to the first Pahlavi period, about one hundred years ago Simultaneously from the construction of the Southern National Railway construction of the Southern Railway. With the construction of the Bisheh railway station in 1306, over time, the stair stepped village of Bisheh, with dense texture and local materials, is formed around the railway.


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Bisheh Village

Bisheh village in central part of Khorram Abad city with geographical characteristics of 48 ͦ25' of east longitude, 23 ͦ  of north latitude and 20'of north latitude,is located 65 kilometers southeast of Khorramabad, 35 kilometers south of Durood city.

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